Currently on 08.21.2012

fresh produce from my garden this week

listening: to nothing but the breeze blowing thru my window. With all the noise of heavy machinery in Harvest, I like to make my home a nice, peaceful retreat ;)

reading: the 50 Shades series...yes, I have become one of them,

watching: True Blood..I finally am all caught up this season!

eating: watermelon and lots of fresh produce from my garden..yum!

drinking: pink lemonade..its a definite thirst quencher this summer!

wearing: anything to beat the heat! Today is shorts and a tank top

weather: HOT and DRY...perfect for Harvest!

playing: in my

wanting: Fall to come. I hate to wish away the Summer but Sept-Dec is my favorite!!

needing: to keep up with my routine..I'm losing weight slowly but surely

missing: my family, always

waiting: for Harvest to come to an end...only approx 2.5 weeks left

enjoying: this amazing life in the country

thankful: every day for this man I married and this life I chose

I can't believe August is almost over! Just the other day, while walking back from the chicken coop, I looked up to see the first yellow leaves on our trees and I sat there, shocked. I couldn't believe it was that time already! Living where we do, we only get a short window of Summer every year and we try to enjoy it as best as we can. This past summer has been busy and fun and full of memories and dang, was it ever hot!! Now, I'm looking forward to the Fall because A) its my favorite time of year; and B) we have a pretty busy Fall planned and I'm really excited for it!! Hope you are all enjoying the last of your summers..wherever they may be!

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