When I grow up...

I still don't know what I want "to be" when I grow up. I thought it would've come to me already, my calling..but, alas, it hasn't shown up yet. The photo above was taken at my finance job in the office I occupied for 4 years. Looking at that photo now, I can hardly believe I worked there. Sitting in an office all day, answering phones and pushing paper. The money was good, some of the coworkers were awesome..but wow, did it ever not fulfill me! I would work Monday to Friday {no complaints there} from 7:30 - 4. Pretty decent hours, I'll even admit that. But then I would be set free and all I would want to do is spend my time outdoors, in the garden, with my dog. Or crafting and photographing things around me. I longed to be free of working for someone else. Fast forward a few years, I met Adam and dreams of a simple life in the country became a reality... I would not give up my life now for anything. I love it with every beat of my heart. I love that I get to wake up with my husband every morning {or sometimes an hour or 2 later!}, let my chickens out for the day, check on my garden and then continue on with whatever TO DO list item I created for myself. Somedays its working in the garden all day. Other days its baking and cooking and cleaning, etc. It is awesome and I am so grateful for it.

That being said, I still want to create something with my time. I want to do something that isn't all about the money but helps out around here. I want to be able to work from home {or wherever we may be} so that I can take care of my husband and our future kids. I don't want to leave the farm, I don't want to work for any one else but myself..but I don't know what I want to be.

For a few years now I have been so intrigued with the idea of carving out your own path in life, creating a career out of thin air and making it work. Women around the world are doing this every day and I want to be a part of it. I just have to figure out what my angle is, I guess! Some women blog for a living, some scrapbook and teach classes..it really is up to you!!

After a recent conversation with my husband on this very subject, I blurted out, "maybe its because I love too many things, that I can't just focus on one for a living?" to which, of course, he laughed. Yes, it is true..I do have many passions and loves in life!

-am a published papercrafter
-am a blogger
-am an artist
-a chicken enthusiast
-am a writer
-am a photographer
-am a dog lover
-am a gardener
-am a baker and amateur chef

Now, clearly, I have a variety in my interests but there has got to be something in there that will fulfill my need to become proficient in a career of my own choosing/creating. I just don't know what yet. The biggest block for me is that I become so excited over a new concept, I research it to death, dream up huge successes and then I get bored with it and put it aside til next time. And even I know you can't run a business on that!

Only time will tell what I end up creating in the end but until that day comes..I guess I'll keep on dreaming about what I'll be when I grow up!

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  1. I love this post and totally understand it. Once we had kids I didn't want to leave them so I worked night jobs after hubby got home which means we never saw each other. Well, finally one day he came home with a good raise and said HONEY YOU DON"T HAVE TO WORK ANYMORE!! I was sooo happy to stay home with the kids and him, even now as they get older I feel this is where God wants me and I'm so happy just being a SAHM but a part of me would love to have a job from home with scrapping/art relation to it.
    I babysit by sweet little cousins and that brings us a little extra money. There isn't really any job out there that interest me.

    I'm glad your living your life outdoors and with your wonderful hubby, that is soooo nice and comforting. Who knows maybe one day a certain job will make you happy but if not, just taking care of your amazing farm is good enough I think.


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