Patience is a Virtue..

After 3 days of sunshine {and horrible wind} my garden came to life again. I thought for sure the snow had taken any hope of a thriving garden this year from me but last night, after walking thru each row and inspecting my lines carefully, I came to the realization that my garden has finally come to life! Which is hilarious considering just yesterday I was complaining to my mom {hi mom} that nothing was growing. Now, lets just hope this wind dies off and we can get to healthy growing!! {the weather network is warning of possible tornadoes..fingers crossed it is just a warning}

After what felt like forever..I now have green & yellow beans growing:



Sweet Peas:


Green Onions:





plus all the seedlings I planted previously. Of course it isn't all fun and games. Because of last weeks snow I lost most of my peppers, my cucumber and even some tomatoes. Hopefully most will come back though with some sunshine and water. Now, all that is left is to sit back, weed, water and wait for my bounty to grow!! Did I tell you how much I love gardening before? :) It truly is a rewarding hobby!! I highly recommend it to all of you!! Have a great day everyone!!

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