The Magic of Silence

Yesterday was not a good day. In fact, it was a bad one. Life lessons, learning curves, frustration, politics - you name it, we dealt with it. There were a few moments that I just wanted to break down and cry and, in fact, some times I did! It wasn't anything life changing by any means. It was just hard and difficult and wearing on the soul. And then, to add insult to our already wounded selves, we were pulled over and given a speeding ticket for driving 12 over the speed limit not ten minutes from our farm. It was brutal and talk about hit after hit!

After supper, our nerves were frazzled and we were both exhausted but figured a quick trip to the coop would lighten our mood - wrong!! As I was carrying around one of my babies, Adam got too close to me driving his golf cart and when he went whizzing by me he scared the chicken, it flew up out of my hands and I caught her right before she became a snack for awaiting jaws below. Of course I lost it and yelled something *very* unlady-like before rushing her in the coop and placing her back under cover. {I hate when I let things get to me like that} Then, Adam picked up another one of my babies and needed to adjust the way he was holding it so came up with the genius idea of setting it on the ground and, once again, it was seconds away from becoming dinner to our golden retriever, and I was livid. Needless to say, the coop door was closed seconds later!!

It was then that I decided I needed a little walk, a little silence, a little time to clear my head.
You see, I've gotten to know myself pretty good these past 28 years and I happen to know I treasure silence, I long for solitude and I crave peace and quiet after especially hard days. Adam drove his golf cart alongside me, feeling horrible for the past events. What a sight we must have been, me walking, him driving the cart and us holding hands in silence. But thats when the magic happened..

Our dugout

We ended up at our dugout, the clouds were rolling in, the millions of frogs we have were singing and everything else was quiet. No noise, no construction, no talking..just listening. I sat down on the ground, Adam and our dogs beside me, and we just listened. Birds of all different species were singing all around us..and I slowly felt more relaxed. Ducks would fly over our heads but the only noise we could hear was the wind created by their flapping wings and then the little *splash* that came about when they landed in our dugout for a swim. Just watching them dance gracefully on the water made things seem so much better! And then the lightning came..

Living out in the country, if you like storms, you are in luck. There are no concrete buildings blocking your view, no noisy traffic stopping you from hearing every rumble of thunder..its just you and nature..just like it should be. We sat in awe of the living sky, every burst of lightning made me catch my breath. It was so beautiful! It was at this moment I felt calm again, even content with the events of my day. Funny how being connected to nature can do that for you..
And then, after sitting there for awhile and watching the storm roll in, we watched the rain fall from afar, get closer, start sprinkling at the edge of the dugout and make its way to about neat watching the rain clouds come closer and closer. Of course we scurried home in the downpour and loved every moment of it. Then we made our way inside, fell in to bed and called it a day..

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  1. Dawn, I'm so sorry you had a bad day that kept getting worse before the good finally came. So glad your chickens are safe, hold them tight. What a beautiful image to see at night, love these images. I would be kinda scared of the storm though,lol

    So glad you got to calm down and just embrace the quiet and beauty around you. Glad Adam stayed with you also.

    Hope today was a better day and keeps getting better.
    Sending you a big hug my new farm friend and wishes for happy days.

    p.s. I was stopping by to ask you if you've heard about Michelle Obama's new book? I'm so excited about it, it's called HOMEGROWN AMERAICA! It's about the big garden she has at the white house and other gardens around the world with some recipes thrown in. I just love her and what she has done with her garden. Just like I get excited about yours. Anyhow she's been on some talk shows this week talking about it and it's coming out later in June, thought you might be interested.
    I don't have a green thumb but I like reading about other gardens,lol


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