My Lil Ladies

I am so sorry I haven't been around the blog yet this week, life has just gotten busy here at the farm and, unfortunately, the blog gets dropped in priority. So much has been going on that I can't wait to blog about! But first, an update on my newest pride and month old chickens!! Can you believe it has been a month already? I am shocked every time I go in to check on them and see how big they grow every. single. day!

Now, before I move on to showing you their photos..I thought I'd update you on my flock. All 15 of my chicks have been growing and changing daily, minus Maggie with her sour crop and Dharma with her crossed beak, all have been happy and healthy..until last Thursday when I unexpectantly lost one :( The chick I lost was one of 8 black Australorps and one that had grown big and strong early on and was a complete shock to me. I was devastated! The chick was showing no signs of anything wrong Wednesday night when we went in for their nightly food/water refresh and playtime and Thursday morning all 15 were still running around like normal. But, I came back in to check on them at noon and this little lady was dead. I really was in disbelief, I didn't want to believe it..kept hoping it was just asleep, but I knew better. I carefully wrapped her up and lifted her out and placed her in the burning barrel for my brother in law to take care of. It bothered me a lot to have to dispose of her this way but, like Adam said, if it was in fact sick or carried a disease, burning them is the best way to ensure it would not carry on to the rest of my flock. Needless to say, Thursday was a hard day for this gal! But, my remaining 14 chicks are beautiful and {so far} doing well..and did I mention that I love them to death?! They make my heart swell with pride every time I see them and their quirky antics!

And, now that they are a month old, most of their cute baby down has disappeared and been replaced with feathers...Adam thinks they are going through a "not so cute" phase but I still think they are adorable, don't you?

One of my Plymouth Barred Rocks - gorgeous, no?

Eleanor - 1 of my 2 Ameracaunas

Adam holding "TINY", one of our Black Australorps

And this, this is Beatrice, a Black Australorp. At first I was really concerned that she was too sleepy and a loner and I thought maybe she was dying. Then I realized she is just very submissive, gently, broody and loving. She is in heaven if you pick her up and just let her roost in your hand. Perfectly content being left to sleep on your while you go about your daily business. I can tell already - we are going to be bonded for life!!

And those are my chicks at one month old!!!

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  1. I'm sooo sorry you lost a chick, how awful for you. I will pray and send heathly wishes for the rest of them. They do so dang cute with new feathers, I'm so thrilled that your sharing this with us. This is all new to me so it's fun to read and see the changes. I love the names you have picked out also.

    Happy Mother's day to you and your first babies!! I can tell you love them and spoil them. Can't wait to see them grow and change more.


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