I'm still alive!!!!

Yes I know I said I was going away to California for two weeks and it has now been 5 weeks since I was physically on this 'ol blog-o..but, well .. life has been BUSY!!  I have sooo much to share and some really, really exciting news that I will be sharing in my next post.. PROMISE!

Until then, California was amazing :) A dream vacation and I loved it very, very much. I took just under 1,000 photos and we created many beautiful memories along the way! But, unfortunately all vacations have to end at some point and I came home to a nasty chest cold and well..bitter cold winter weather..I don't know about the rest of the world but we here in the Prairies of Canada are getting miserable..its cold, it keeps snowing..and we just want it to be done! I am craving Spring so bad..the warmth of the sun, the sight of green grass and green tendrils poking out of the soil..the smell of life again..I want to get out in my flower beds and work the soil, squishing dirt between my toes as I mosey along..pretty please Spring..don't be late!

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