Friday Randoms

It so does not feel like a Friday to me today! The week back from holidays is always brutal, but in the winter when the days are really feels like I'm dragging my butt by 4:30 every day! Today is no different, my alarm went off at 6 a.m and I actually prayed that it was only 4 so that I could get 2 more hours of sleep in! But, since that wasn't possible, I got up and decided to weigh myself as I have officially completed my first week of working out on the treadmill (4 sessions) and what did I see on the scale? I actually gained 3 lbs! Now, I don't know about you..but is that normal? My first week..I was expecting to lose half a pound, hoping maybe 1 lb loss...but gain?! How does that happen? So..not only do I have lack of sleep working against me, I also have this lovely little 3 lb weight gain on my NOT a good way to start the weekend! I guess next week I'll just have to be that much more focused!!

Today after work I will be taking off for the farm again..Adam will be working steadily on the new house all month before we go to California in February for 2 weeks, so we agreed that I will be making the trek all January so that we can still be together :) And the farm? Well its just an oasis for me..I mean look at it!

It gives me peace and tranquility from the city life and I look forward to it every weekend I'm there!!

Once I'm back home on Monday I will be focusing more on my card business, Tailored Sentiments and my Etsy shop as well as preparing products for a tradeshow I'm in in March!! So much to look forward to this year already!!! Have a great weekend everyone :) Happy Crafting!

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