Countdown to California

The sun is starting to shine more, the temperatures have jumped a great deal and the days are getting longer..Spring is just around the corner!! I'm getting Spring fever..daffodils have been purchased and are brightening up my kitchen as we speak..and next week's big road trip to California is only going to make it worse! Adam and I are getting so excited..9 days to go!!

I told Adam this morning that I'm worried about going to California..worried that I might love it so much that I won't want to come back!! I love to travel..there are so many places on my bucket list to see..but something about California just calls to me...I am giddy just thinking about it ;)

And since the Golden Coast is on my brain today...I went to my daily inspiration site, Pinterest, and typed in California under their seach engine..and I found this unbelievably sweet California beach retreat, in the past I have never been known to be a "pink" girl..but this color is growing on me immensely!!!

Now I'm wishing I incorporated pink in to one of my rooms in my home!! Hmmm...may have to think about that a little more ;) I printed this photo out and am adding it to my inspiration scrapbook..I'm going to have to create something with these color beauties!!

Have a great Thursday everyone..Friday is ALMOST here!! Happy Crafting!!

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