Where has the summer weather gone?!?

It is cold and windy here today..and just the idea of walking outside has me contemplating a night in with my afghan, a movie & a buttery bowl of popcorn..hmm..yup, that sounds perfect to me!! Ideally, I'd like to work in my studio and complete the card orders that are looming over my head..but if one were to visit me in my new "palace"...you would understand!

I have been scrapbooking now for 10 years, cardmaking for 2 and paper obsessed all through out the years..and because of this obsession..I have a LOT of boxes to go through and organize :( Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining (who would dare complain about too much product?!?!) but lately, it feels like too big a task to undertake..slow and steady will be my motto ;) But once I get things up & running, I'll be sure to post my projects up here on the old blogaroni and update my Etsy site (which is in dire straits if I do say so myself)

Hmm..yup a lot of work to do around here..fun work, but work indeed;)

On another note, how is your summer coming along? Mom's birthday is this weekend and I will be cooking a drool-worthy meal for us as well as baking my favorite, Skor bar cake, for dessert. My beau plans on joining us for the celebrations (YAY!) and so I am looking forward to another beautiful summer weekend :) We have spent plenty of time at the lake lately, boating and wave running and enjoy the R&R, I have to tell you..a girl could get use to this ;)

I'll be back to post my birthday card for mom by the weekend..until then, I hope you are warmer than I am..take care and happy crafting!!

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