Middle of Reno's

Hey Everyone!

so sorry its been quiet around here..I'm in the midst of house reno's and planning my new yard that by the time I get some down-time, I am ready for a nap! Although I've only had the house for 10.5 days, sooo much has changed already! All walls minus the kitchen have been completely repainted, the kitchen has been completely gutted, crackfilled, sanded and re-crackfilled and hopefully the walls will be scrubbed and painted by the end of the week!! New lighting has been installed (my favorite has been hanging in the bathroom now for all of 12 hours and I'm seriously giddy..I will show you pictures soon!!)

Now, weather permitting, a new front step will be built this coming weekend and the front porch will have new tongue and groove in it for me to paint next week. And then its waiting on the kitchen cabinets so we can build and install and then flooring!! After that will be building a new fence (I have a 50' x 130' lot..so its going to be a LOT of work!!) and planting my flower beds!

Last weekend I took the time to rake up 13 bags of leaves and in between piles I would stop and rest with Jakey in our new yard..its so huge I can barely contain my excitement..its what I've always wanted and its mine all mine :)

I have been taking photos along the entire process and will share them soon..just wanted to stop in and say 'hi' and let you know that things are going great!!!

Take care and Happy Crafting everyone!!

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