Making a Wish...

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I turned 26 today... its definitely not a life altering age by any standards yet it is still a really big Birthday for me. This is the first Birthday since I was 16 that I will be celebrating as a single woman and it symbolizes to me a fresh start... a new beginning of sorts. It was overwhelming how much love I received from family and friends today and it warms my heart to know just how loved I truly am :)

Tonight, I will be celebrating quietly with my family over a favorite homemade dinner and mom's Black Forest cake and then tomorrow my best friend is throwing a party in my honor and I couldn't be happier!

This is a fresh start for me and I feel that in my 26th year, the possibilities are endless!!


  1. Big Happy Birthday wishes to you, Dawn! I hope you're having a FANTASTIC birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Dawn! I bet that Black Forest cake would sure be yummy!!
    Did you make a wish?


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