Anxiously Awaiting Spring...

Now that all the major winter holidays have come and gone.. I am anxiously awaiting Spring. I'm getting cabin fever and am so sick of these cold Northern wind gusts that chill you right to the bone. The sun is shining, but there is still snow on the ground and all I want is to look out and see green! I am slowly gathering up some of my cheerful Spring-themed scrapbooking supplies and will be showcasing a few goodies for you later this week.

Over the weekend I started a few Easter themed cards and it felt weird to stamp bunnies but the truth of the matter is, Easter is only 41 days away!! Can you believe it? Every year my aunt hosts our Petrick Family Easter Egg Hunt and I'm excited already. All my aunts, uncles, cousins and cousins' kids gather on the morning of Easter Sunday and search for eggs with out names on them, hidden throughout her massive yard. Its soo much fun and truly?! I'll never be too old for it!

I also scrapbooked this weekend! GASP!! I know, shocking isn't it? I was looking through previous albums I had put together on a yearly basis and I loved all the details it allowed me to remember of that specific year and therefore I vowed to get caught up on my layouts and to keep an album for 2010 that would allow me to remember little details such as home improvements on my new house, the birth of my niece or nephew in the Fall, my niece Makiya's 2nd Birthday in the Summer and so much more..scrapbooking is truly a gift to ourselves and our families and I'm so thankful for it! Which is also another reason I signed up for the uber talented Kelly Purkey's online class entitled Beginnings..check it out here! I'm really excited for March to come so I can learn new techniques from this amazing designer!!

So thats my weekend in a nutshell..hope yours was great as well as warm and I will be back very soon with some Spring goodness!!

Happy Crafting everyone!!

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