Blogging scarcity..

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that my blog will be a little quiet in the coming 3 weeks.. I am up to my eyeballs in greeting cards for the upcoming Bustin Loose event on October 4th (my goal was to make 100 cards for my table and I'm currently at 70!) And we're also going on a couple of trips this month as well :)

First stop is a roadtrip through beautiful BC (we've tried to go back every summer since 2005) and we are ending in Seattle (hello Impress and Amuse stamps!!). Then we'll be back for a week where I will finish setting up my table to how I like it and then we're gone again to LAS VEGAS! Its our first time in Sin City and we'll be going with Jeff and Kim and I cannot tell you how excited I am! I promise to post photo's of both trips as well as my table and the event on October 4th and then I PROMISE I will be back with tons of Halloween and Christmas treats!!

AND, I was looking over my mountain of supplies this weekend and realized that I just have way too much stuff (I will never admit this to Luke of course) and so, starting in October, you might just find yourself the lucky winner of a giveaway!! ;) Until then, I will try to post a card here and there..but otherwise enjoy your ventures into the upcoming Fall season and I will be back soon!!

Take Care,

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