Cupcake Anyone?

So, besides papercrafting and photography, another hobby of mine is baking! Yup, that's right, throw a cute apron on me and you've got yourself a "Suzy-Homemaker"! My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes, but my goal is to one day decorate my family's cakes like a Pro. There is nothing I love more than beautiful decorated baking and yummy tasting desserts =)

In fact, one of my favorite places to visit when in a new city is new, whimsical bakeries to taste test their cupcakes!! I love the adorable colours and designs..if I ever have my own store, it will be replicated after a bakery for sure!

So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Bakerella! She has a dessert lovers blog that dares you not to drool! go ahead, check it out here and see for yourself! Her last posting was for Banana Cupcakes (photo above) and I had to try her recipe last night..and let me tell you, these are the best banana cupcakes I have ever made! They are dense and moist and buttery..omg I could eat them all in one sitting!! Thank God for family and friends who have taken them off my hands! Kim and Jeff..yours are being delivered tonight ;)

So happy baking everyone!

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