Twinkle, Twinkle (Little Boy)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

It is a cold, miserable Saturday here :( We woke up to snow!! It later turned to rain, but now the wind is blowing and let me tell you it does NOT feel like the first weekend of June! Needless to say, today is a perfect day for me to snuggle up and get crafty! I'm knee deep in baby shower and wedding invites, but I took a quick minute to make the baby boy version of this card, and here it is, as promised..

I have to make a few of each of these as they are being sent off to Damon Lane's here in town around mid-month for re-sale! As soon as I made these, I knew they would be a favorite and so far, they haven't disappointed!!

Tonight will be a movie/popcorn night in our household for sure! Whatever your plans are, I hope you have yourselves a great weekend! Take care everyone and I will be back on Monday!
Happy Crafting!

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